Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home Sick

No, not home sick meaning I miss my family. Home sick meaning I'm home sick from work. Runny nose, headache, fever. Settling down on the couch with tissues, hot tea and a bottle of cough syrup.

If I wasn't so miserable I'd watch TV, but all I can do is sit and stare. Must call Dr. Channing to reschedule my appointment.

Oh, no! The Jehovah's Witnesses are knocking at the door. The pounding...pounding...pounding...


  1. Oh, I'm sorry you are sick - too sick to watch TV is really sick! Hope you are well soon. Hide under the couch til they go away.

  2. Don't worry, Belle. I'm not answering the door. I can't get off the couch, anyway.