Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cello Project

Since I have a break from therapy this week, I thought I'd use the time to dust off my cello and play a bit of Bach. I used to play all the time but when I realized I would never be a Jacqueline DuPre, I began to lose interest.  In our early sessions, Dr. Channing asked me about it and encouraged me to take it up again. I found out that she plays the viola. All we need now are a couple of violins and we'll have a string quartet.

Wouldn't matter anyway. I never play in front of people. I'm too embarrassed. Is it because I'm a perfectionist? Fear criticism? Can't measure up (no pun intended)? All of the above? I'll let Dr. Channing decide.

So I dug Isabel out of my closet (Yes, I named my cello "Isabel." So sue me), and we joined forces on the Saraband of Bach's D minor suite. After a few rusty squeaks and squawks, I got into the groove and did Bach proud. I felt guilty leaving Isabel untended for so long. She must hate me for it. I know I would. But no more sadness. Today is a Resurrection. Isabel has risen from the grave and dragged me along with her.

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