Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Dysphoria: a downward shift in the tone of mood (sadness) accompanied by irritability. The opposite of euphoria.

I definitely have this. However, I don't blame anyone. I take full responsibility for my moods. I suppose it's normal to have down swings; everybody does. It becomes a problem if you can't pull yourself out of it. When dysphoria strikes, I just crash on the couch and watch "Titianic." Yes, it's a depressing movie and I always cry at the end (the clock scene? OMG!), but when I think about how tough other people have it, I feel much better. Unfortunately, I've developed a fear of cruise ships.

Not mentioning this to Dr. Channing.


  1. The last line of this post makes the whole post hilarious, in a bitter-sweet ironic sort of way. Or maybe it is just my weird mood. Like it very much...
    Jan Morrison

  2. Jack and Jan: thanks for visiting. Happy blogging!

  3. Yeah, I guess knowing that you're not on board the unsinkable ship would make you thankful. I love that movie. :)~

  4. fantastic - loved this post. It brought me the first smile of my day - ironic really!

  5. Tundiel: I love that movie, too. It's a heartbreaker!

  6. Laura: Thanks so much for dropping by!