Thursday, April 28, 2011


eXtraversion: the tendency to turn towards the outer world and interact with others.

Dr. Channing says I need to be more social. My tendency to hibernate with mint chocolate chip ice cream and Project Runway has become a problem.

So I'm taking a class in organic gardening. I'm learning about soils, seeds and squash. I was hoping to meet some interesting people and make some new friends. I like Hilda. She's into sewing quilts, baking bread and playing the organ at church. She is 85 years old. 
Maybe I should have taken the documentary filmmaking class.


  1. This is such a creative blog idea! Although I feel like to really experience it I might have to go back to the beginning and follow Madison's journey.

  2. Hi, Spenc. Thanks for dropping by. Madison started her journey back in January and hadn't planned on doing the A to Z challenge. So this is a bit of a diversion from her typical blog entries.