Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cello Babe

I've signed up for cello lessons! I saw Yo-Yo Ma on PBS the other day and there he, was playing a Bach suite on a NYC street corner. A big fat smile on his face and not a care in the world. All I could say was "WOW"!

Back in jr. high and high school I was first chair cello. Played in college, too, and even thought about being a music major. But "life" happened and my darling cello, Isabel, took a back seat. I did play for a while last year but it didn't last long. Dr. Channing says I need to finish what I start. She is very supportive and likes that I'm pursuing other interests besides Project Runway and Ben & Jerry's.


  1. Good luck with your cello, Madison. But there's nothing wrong with hanging out with Ben and Jerry, too.

  2. Yo-Yo is amazing indeed. Great inspiration. Music is the cure.


  3. Zelda: Oh, yes. I love Ben and Jerry. Cherry Garcia!

  4. Kris, I have all his CDs and have seen him play the Dvorak in Denver! My dream is to be in one of his master classes!