Friday, January 20, 2012

My Date With Todd - Part 2

First of all, I am aware that my last post was AGES ago. Suffice it to say (yikes, cliche alert!) that the last couple of weeks have been INSANE!

However, I would still like to complete my post about my FIRST DATE WITH TODD.

So after coffee, we went to dinner at Pelican Wing, a quaint bistro that specializes in seafood. They also have the best desserts in town.

Over a plate of basil pesto penne pasta with a chocolate ice cream brownie chaser, I was a bit nervous. Unlike other dates I'd been on, Todd was actually interested in what I was saying. He asked about my job (I love it!), about my family (totally crazy), my hobbies (uh. . . watching TV?)

But then he asked me a question that no one but Dr. Channing has ever asked me.

TODD: So, Madison. What are your hopes and dreams?

ME: Hopes and dreams?

TODD: Yeah, what do you want to accomplish in your life? What do you see in your future?

ME: Is this a trick question?

(What are my hopes and dreams? I could see that he was sincere and wanted to know about me. Luckily I resisted the temptation to crack a joke. He sensed my anxiety, so to get me off the hook he answered the question for himself.)

TODD: My dream is to make movies. I'm going to film school at night, but my day job keeps me pretty busy. I'm 31 and I've been doing the same job since I graduated from college. I've decided life is too short.

ME: Wow!

Fast forward: After dinner we walked in the park and talked some more. Todd likes to talk, but he also listens. I'm so NOT used to that in a guy. The big question: Did he kiss me? Yes. 

The good news is he called back the next day and we went on another date. Then another. Then another.

I told Dr. Channing about Todd and she approves. My mission now is to figure out the answer to his question.

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