Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Date with Todd - Part One

Last night was my blind date with Todd. We agreed to meet at Java the Hutt for coffee at 6:00. He was sitting at a table by the window waiting for me. We had exchanged photos through email so there were no surprises on that front. (So far this sounds like a military operation. . . too much Mission Impossible.)

From his photo I had judged him to be a seven, but now that I saw him in person, he was more like an eight or nine. Brown eyes, dark hair, kinda like Colin Farrell. Yikes! What am I doing on a date with Colin Farrell!

Todd is a nice and interesting person. He works as a web designer for a start-up company. Yep, he's a geek (that's a good thing). He plays the piano (very cool). He's knows about art (my passion). He plays video games (he mentioned a few but I am not a gamer so I had no idea what he was talking about).

I was happy to learn that he likes movies, and not just the typical guy movies with car chases, bimbos and martial arts. 

Best of all, he didn't run screaming out the door when he heard that I see a therapist. It was a test. Maybe it was too much information on the first date, but I figured if that scared him off, then he's not the guy for me.

I was relieved that I didn't speak in cliches the entire evening. Whew! Dr. Channing would be proud.

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