Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Will Be Calm...

After my session with Dr. Channing today, I am less anxious about my blind date. I've decided to just be myself and let the chips fall where they may...(Oh, no! I hope I don't start speaking in cliches with Todd! That's what happens when I get nervous...I will be calm...I will be calm...I will be calm...)

Fortunately, Chondra showed me picture of Todd so I already know going into this that he is a seven. I can handle a seven. In fact, I prefer a seven because I think that's what I am. (See, Dr. Channing! My self-esteem is improving!)

Todd wears Buddy Holly glasses and has a gap between his front teeth. Wondering if he is geek. I like geeks. Hoping he's not a deer hunter.

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