Monday, February 7, 2011

Dog Days

Somehow I got roped into pet sitting and spent the weekend walking, feeding and providing entertainment for Placebo, a 75-pound chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Placebo is my brother Grant's spoiled child. Grant refuses to put Placebo in a kennel so he imposes on friends and family to watch the dog when he's off doing whatever brothers do when they're not testing software or taking their wives to Black Eyed Peas concerts.

Actually, I didn't mind hanging out with Placebo. I enjoyed the company. The only problem was taking him for walks. My arm is permanently out of joint from tugging on the leash. I finally rubbed some bacon on my leg so he would heel. It actually worked.

By Sunday afternoon, I was getting used to having a dog around the house. We read the newspaper, had a staring contest (he won), watched "Must Love Dogs" on dvd, snacked on popcorn and danced around the house to Neil Diamond songs.

I will not tell Dr. Channing about this.


  1. I learned a lot about Madison from this post. I don't blame her for holding out on Dr. Channing, especially the part about the staring contest with Placebo.

  2. When Madison doesn't know what to do, she makes up games. The staring contest is one of her faves. Works good with kids, too.