Friday, February 4, 2011

I See London...

After my session with Dr. Channing I went to Starbucks. I had to undwind. They say that's what therapy's for, but I couldn't help it. Free associating for an hour was exhausting. I desperately needed a cinnamon latte.

I told Dr. Channing about an incident that happened when I was in fourth grade. I was on the playground and I saw a girl on the monkey bars. She was wearing a blue dress and hanging upside down with her legs wrapped around the bars. Her underwear was in full view. Big, white granny panties. All the boys gathered around and started teasing her. Her face turned red and I could tell she was embarrassed. I was angry at the boys but I was also angry at her.

I glanced at Dr. Channing. She was sitting quietly taking notes as usual, but I could sense a little tension when I mentioned the underwear. Her right eyebrow was higher than normal and her lips were pursed.

So why did I recall this memory? What does it mean? I'm thinking this is the reason I always make sure I'm wearing pretty underwear.

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