Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dream

Dr. Channing tried something new this week. Dream interpretation. She said that dreams reveal the fears and desires of the subconscious and help us to understand underlying impulses and emotions.

I told her about my recurring dream. I'm walking down a sidewalk in the rain. It's twilight and everything is gray except for the bright pink umbrella that I'm holding. I turn the corner and see two polar bears rushing by pulling a sleigh. One of them looks at me and says, "Would you like some ham and eggs?"

Dr. Channing was scribbling like crazy on her notepad.

"What does it mean, Dr. Channing?"

"Well, Madison, as I've already explained, the interpretation of dreams will hopefully shed some light on your subonscious desires that manifest themselves in your conscious awareness. In this particular dream, the rain and the darkness represent your fear of being alone And although your world is a fearful place, the umbrella signals hope."

"And the polar bears?"

"Your life is spiralling out of control. However, the bears are pulling a sleigh so there is an ultimate purpose. They also represent power. The fact that they are polar bears means that you isolate yourself but you desire to be more adventurous."

"I'm almost afraid to ask about the ham and eggs."

"Food symbolizes the comfort and love you felt in your childhood when your mother met all your physical needs."

"You got all that from one little dream? Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

Dr. Channing didn't answer. She doesn't appreciate my sense of humor. But that's okay. After all, she's helping me prove to the world that I'm not crazy.

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